After a long pandemic recess it feels great to be back in Cannes for the festival, reconnecting, networking and experience the silver screen the way it should be experienced. A really nice line-up of fantastic films this year of which quite a few were produced in Sweden.

Corona Update

[2021] This last year has certainly had its challenges as most things just turned to dust for many of us, following the pandemic repercussions in the business and society as a whole. With revenue streams running dry, Auxit Productions has mostly focused inwards, working on structural improvements – hoping to be up and running and as attractive as ever, as soon as things start turning to the better. Presently we’re improving our studio in Malmö and looking to re-mixing and re-mastering older productions and finding ways to improve our digital edge for future work. We’re also doing our best to tap into the support available from different state and regional funds, while the situation lasts. Hopefully by this time next year, things will look a lot better – with many exciting new collaborations and inspiring, creative productions going.

Let’s try to keep the spirits up together!

Collaboration with Unestams Universum on musical project “Margarita” (Working Title)

[2020] Auxit Productions and the company of contemporary circus artist, magician and clown extraordinaire Jan Unestam, Unestams Universum, recently teamed up to start work on a musical stage production with the working title “Margarita”, loosely based on Bulgakov’s famous novel “The Master and Margarita” (“Мастер и Маргарита”). Presently, several funding efforts have been initiated, as well as the establishment of strategic partnerships. More to follow.

Mikhail Bulgakov

Working with Kompani Paradiso

[2020] Over the last year or so, Auxit Productions has teamed up with the street performance group Kompani Paradiso, producing a number of trailers for their latest acts. You can watch the latest below.

Will be in Cannes… Again

[2019] Just like every other year, composer Henrik Rambe will be in Cannes for the festival, for meetings and business. Please feel free to contact him to set up a meeting.

Now working with Teater Theatron’s “Hjälteskolan”

[2018] Auxit Productions just went into a three year collaboration with Teater Theatron on their Allmänna Arvsfonden (Swedish Inheritance Fund) Project “Hjälteskolan” (School of Heroes). Auxit will primarily manage and supervise the documentation aspects of the project as it develops.

More at:

Video produced by Auxit Productions. Music by Henrik Rambe.

Now working with Southside Recordings


Auxit Productions is now working with sound wiz Peter Anderberg of Southside Recordings on the film production “The White Crow”, doing sound editing and mastering. The film is near completion and we hope this will only be the first in  a row of collaborative efforts bringing great sound to the screen.