music for the stage

Original music for the stage (click the production for more information and samples)

Sommarnöjet (La villeggiatura / Holiday trilogy) by Carlo Goldoni

Fordringsägare (Creditors) by August Strindberg

Gruffet i Chiozza (Le baruffe chiozzotte /Brawling in Chioggia) by Carlo Goldoni.

Figaros bröllop (Le Mariage de Figaro / The Marriage of Figaro) by P.A.C. de Beaumarchais.

Brott och Brott (Crime and Crime) by August Strindberg.

Berlin by David Hare.

Ljuget (The lie) by Susanne Marko.

0,00017 ‰ – Illusionsbygget (0.00017‰ – Building an illusion) by Stina Sturesson & Vanja Hamidi Isacson.

0,00017 ‰ – Champagne & Gravöl (0.00017‰ – Champagne and Funeral Drinks) by Stina Sturesson & Vanja Hamidi Isacson.

Subtales – arior från medelklassen (Subtales – arias from the middle class) by Subfrau.

Jobs lidanden (The Sorrows of Job) by Hanoch Levin.

Spökhotellet (L’Hôtel du Libre échange / Free Exchange Hotel or Hotel Paradiso) by Georges Feydeau

Kød og Blod (Flesh and Blood) by Graense-loes

Sarah Bernhardt – memoarer (Sarah Bernhardt – Memoirs) by John Murrell

Den vita kråkan – Eichmann i Jerusalem (The White Crow – Eichmann in Jerusalem) by Donald Freed

Musical arrangements and sound design (theatre)

Allt om min mamma (Todo sobre mi madre / All about my mother) by Pedro Almodóvar

Sista dansen (The Last Dance) by  Carin Mannheimer