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Original music for the stage (click the production for more information and samples)


Sommarnöjet (La villeggiatura / Holiday trilogy) by Carlo Goldoni

Fordringsägare (Creditors) by August Strindberg

Gruffet i Chiozza (Le baruffe chiozzotte /Brawling in Chioggia) by Carlo Goldoni.

Figaros bröllop (Le Mariage de Figaro / The Marriage of Figaro) by P.A.C. de Beaumarchais.

Brott och Brott (Crime and Crime) by August Strindberg.

Berlin by David Hare.

Ljuget (The lie) by Susanne Marko.

0,00017 ‰ – Illusionsbygget (0.00017‰ – Building an illusion) by Stina Sturesson & Vanja Hamidi Isacson.

0,00017 ‰ – Champagne & Gravöl (0.00017‰ – Champagne and Funeral Drinks) by Stina Sturesson & Vanja Hamidi Isacson.

Subtales – arior från medelklassen (Subtales – arias from the middle class) by Subfrau.

Jobs lidanden (The Sorrows of Job) by Hanoch Levin.

Spökhotellet (L’Hôtel du Libre échange / Free Exchange Hotel or Hotel Paradiso) by Georges Feydeau

Kød og Blod (Flesh and Blood) by Graense-loes

Sarah Bernhardt – memoarer (Sarah Bernhardt – Memoirs) by John Murrell

Den vita kråkan – Eichmann i Jerusalem (The White Crow – Eichmann in Jerusalem) by Donald Freed

Musical arrangements and sound design (theatre)

Allt om min mamma (Todo sobre mi madre / All about my mother) by Pedro Almodóvar

Sista dansen (The Last Dance) by  Carin Mannheimer


Original music for film


Mannen med kulorna (“The Man with All the Marbles”) (short) by Hans Montelius, Cinemantrix

Midsommar – sju blommor under kudden (Midsummer – 7 flowers under the pillow) (short) by Hans Montelius, Cinemantrix

Tillbaka (Returning) (short) by Karin Pennanen

Okrönta (Uncrowned) (documentary) by Katja Turpeinen

Film Noir (short) by Jan Emzén

RE: (feature) by Andreas Lindergård, CherryKillFilms / Film i Skåne

Den vita kråkan – Eichmann i Jerusalem (The White Crow – Eichmann in Jerusalem) (feature) by Donald Freed – work in progress