Now working with Southside Recordings


Auxit Productions is now working with sound wiz Peter Anderberg of Southside Recordings on the film production “The White Crow”, doing sound editing and mastering. The film is near completion and we hope this will only be the first in  a row of collaborative efforts bringing great sound to the screen.

Composing for “Hantverkarrock” at Sweden Rock (Rock Festival)

Henrik Rambe just composed original vignette music and underscore for a series of short web commentaries from the Sweden Rock festival in Southern Sweden. Auxit Productions collaborated with sound engineer Peter Anderberg and Southside Recordings for this short but intense production. The main production company for the series was “Brain Academy” which produced it for the main sponsor Bauhaus. The result can be viewed here  


Eichmann in Jerusalem…

[2017] Right now we’re finishing up a first turn of editing of our feature length film based on the theatre production “The White Crow – Eichmann in Jerusalem” (in Swedish). Still a lot to do but we’re getting there.

Supported by Film i Skåne / The Regional Film Fund for Southern Sweden

Two short trailers

-jag går över gränser

We just finished a small job with two film trailers for the theatre production “Jag går över gränser men är ändå kvar” by Teater Theatron, which is opening on February 25th.

Check them out here (Swedish):

trailer 1

trailer 2

More about the production at

Happy New Year!

So begins a new exciting year. At the moment it’s mostly about editing film for two projects – one feature and one documentary short – and preparing funding efforts for a third (feature documentary) but hopefully there will be plenty of composing work too. Please follow any developments here.